Brian Hennessey

Lyndsey Battle Trio (Folk), La Musique Diabolique (Gypsy Jazz), Bad Donkey, Royal Bliss

“I love these KSM bass bridges! Its a nice hunk of solid bridge awesomeness. They claim to give you 'one solid mass of sustain, tone, and articulation' and that’s exactly what they do. And the clamping bolt system they’ve developed adds an extra sense of security for your tone and intonation.”

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley


Jerry Dixon


WARRANT was founded in 1983 by Erik Turner and Jerry Dixon when they were just 19 and 16 years old, respectively. Four years later, they were joined by Jani Lane, Steven Sweet, and Joey Allen in 1987. This line-up would go on to land a recording contract with Columbia Records (Sony) and ruled the airwaves and MTV in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. Over the course of their career, WARRANT has sold over 10 million albums worldwide, with the song “Cherry Pie” taking on a pop culture life of its own, being featured in countless movies, TV shows, and commercials. 


Greg Betsworth

Anchored, Snoop Dogg

Texas has been known to breed some of the loudest and most hard-hitting bands on the planet…ANCHORED is definitely no exception. Straight out of Dallas, Tx. comes this gang of four who pack as much attitude as their punch with their infectious style of rock’n’roll. Blurring the lines between Shinedown, Velvet Revolver, STP, and Papa Roach these Dallas transplants have brought their own brand of ear candy to the masses and everybody is invited.

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley


Bob Daisley

Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Gary Moore

Bob Daisley is an Australian bassist, songwriter, and author. He is best known for playing bass guitar with Ozzy Osbourne, as well as songwriting and co-production on the group’s first album, Blizzard of Ozz. He also co-wrote much of the material on the follow-up album Diary of a Madman. He continued to write and record for Ozzy throughout the 1980s, playing on and writing for Bark at the Moon (1983), The Ultimate Sin (1986 writing only), and No Rest for the Wicked (1988). He maintained his working relationship with Osbourne up until 1991’s No More Tears album, which featured his bass playing on all tracks.

The band continues to tour constantly, playing to fans all over the U.S. Keep up with the band’s latest news at WarrantRocks.com!


Jouni Isoherranen

Djeli Moussa Conde

"I had a oppotunity to upgrade my 25-old West-Germany/Warvick Streamer with an amazing KSM foundation bass bridge.  From the first show on I’ve been loving the steady vibration and exact tuning of the strings till the 24 fret."

Born and raised in Finland, has diplomas of a master degree in Jazz-music and music-teacher from Belgium, and is making his life in Paris for the moment.
Bassplayer of a group Djeli Moussa Conde, already an international musician from year 1991.

Bob Daisley
William Rogers Image


William Rogers

October Rage

“Brother what you have done to my basses has made them sound amazing! I'm so proud to be part of your family.”


Michael McKean

Spinal Tap

Leonardo Lospennato's passion for the ancient art of creating musical instruments is an infatuation that began when he put together his first bass, when he was 16. The sound of a string vibrating for the first time. The magic of creating something out of nothing. The never ending search for beauty, for meaning, for perfection. Being a luthier does not requires much more than that. Nor anything less.

Grammy winner, Oscar Nominee Michael McKean received the "David St. Hubbins - Big Bottom Bass" by Leo last June in London, to perform with it on Spinal Tap's UK tour.

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


Kenny Lee Lewis

Steve Miller Band

Kenny Lee Lewis - bassist, guitarist, vocalist, composer and producer with The Steve Miller Band for over 25 years, has been a studio guitarist and bassist in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. He has played or recorded with such artists as Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Steve Stills, Billy Preston, Brian Wilson, Dave Mason, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Todd Rundgren, Edgar Winter, BB King, Beach Boys, Doobie Brothers and Government Mule.


Alex Levine

Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem is an American rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, formed in 2006. They released their debut album, Sink or Swim, on XOXO Records in May 2007, and their second album, The '59 Sound, on SideOneDummy Records in August 2008. The band's third album, American Slang, was released in June 2010, and their fourth, Handwritten, was released in July 2012 through Mercury Records. The lead single from Handwritten, "45", became their most successful single on the charts, and possibly their most well-known to date. The band's fifth full-length studio album, Get Hurt, was released on August 12, 2014, through Island Records, it is available on their website.

“Thanks to KSM Guitars and Spencer Jones for the bridges”

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


Farko Dosumov

Michael Shrieves Spellbinder

Farko Rustamovich Dosumov was born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Farko and his identical twin brother, Feodor Dosumov, began playing the classical guitar when they were ten years old. By the time the Dosumov brothers were in high school, Farko was playing electric bass and Feodor was playing electric guitar in multiple projects throughout Tashkent.

After winning the green card lottery in 1999 Farko moved to New York City to pursue a future career in music. Farko later attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, and specialized in jazz bass. Since then, he has played with many talented artists and groups such as Double Impact with his twin brother Feodor Dosumov, Michael Shrieve’s Spellbinder (Carlos Santana, Jonny Lang), Pura Fe, Flowmotion, Jazzukha and many more...


Matthew Denis

Zoviet, Lunden Reign, Caleche Ryder, Rumours, Vette

A Los Angeles native with extensive touring and studio experience, most notably with LP (Warner Brothers), Andy Allo and Lilit Hovhannisyan, as well as an impressive list of session credits including award winning producers/engineers Thom Russo, Ken Scott, Wyn Davis, Brian Howes, Sean Gould & more. An endorsing artist with Spector & Dingwall Basses, Aguilar Amplification, DR Strings, Tech 21 NYC, Darkglass Electronics & Spectraflex Cables, he can be seen performing regularly around Los Angeles.

"I used the Spector Coda for 6 hours of rehearsal, and the KSM Foundation Bridge is just killer. Endless sustain, tighter/more responsive right hand feel and no errant buzzing. Highly recommended."

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


Dwayne Crawford

Royal Bliss

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Royal Bliss has been making their mark for years with a consistent work ethic of writing, recording, and touring that have helped build the success of the band. Their wide variety of influences from Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin mold the sound that is uniquely theirs and cannot be denied. Their music speaks to the common man, tells a story and rocks out with a good party crowd, all the while being delivered by the inimitable deep and raspy voice of front man, Neal Middleton.


Peter Charell


Peter Charell is the bass player in the band Trapt. Charell co-founded the band with vocalist Chris Taylor Brown in the 1990's. On January 22nd, 2013 the band released their fifth studio album, the first of which went Platinum with over one million copies sold. In 2002 "Headstrong" reached No. 1 on both the Modern Rock Tracks and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks charts, as well as No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking their most successful single to date.

Charell's hard-edged, progressive style is a combination of his diverse musical influences.

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


Norbert Bueno

American Idol's James VIII, Amber Lynn, The Voice's Ryan Inness & Belle Jewel

"From day one the difference has been huge. Tone is everything for me, and the clarity and sustain that the KSM Foundation gives my bass has been unreal; not to mention the bridges look great!"

Norbert Bueno is a bass player, producer and songwriter, born in Mexico City. Norbert is currently playing behind; Alex Boye, Mimi Knowles and JoshySoul' He is part of the Warner Chappell music family, composing and songwriting, He is also part of the band that accompanied Alex Boye in winning the 2017 Rising Artist of the Year (sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe and Pepsi).

He is one of the starting members of 'TheCool,' an exceptional group of musicians who have played behind the likes of; James VIII (American Idol), Amber Lynn (American Idol), Ryan Inness (The Voice), Belle Jewel (The Voice), Gardiner Sisters, and many others.


Joseph Breckeridge Jr

With Our Arms To The Sun

"I recently made a huge upgrade to my Schecter Diamond-J Plus bass. I partnered up with KSM music and added their amazing KSM Foundation Bass bridge. The Diamond-J bass from Schecter was already a beast of an instrument but with this bridge it has been taken to a whole new level. The added resonance and under tones this bridge has brought out of my bass are just awesome. It has also added a level of sustain i have not experienced before. It has a high mass bridge feel without adding a lot of weight to your bass. I recommend the KSM Foundation bridge to anyone who wants to take their bass of any price range to a new level of performance."

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


Garron Dupree

Say Anything

Garron DuPree is a bass guitarist and recording engineer from Texas. DuPree began his career as a professional musician in 2005 at the age of 15 as the bassist for the group Eisley, and became the bassist for Say Anything in 2013. Garron DuPree is also a recording engineer as well as a session musician.


Scot Alexander


The Santa Barbara, CA, band Dishwalla made a big splash in 1996 with their catchy pop single "Counting Blue Cars." With the gritty heart and soul of those who came before them, Dishwalla's hard rock sound was enough for fans to make "Counting Blue Cars" one of the most-requested songs of that year. The song also garnered the band a Billboard award for Rock Song of the Year and allowed their debut album, Pet Your Friends, to sell more than a million copies.

"I thought the difference would be subtle compared to a stock "classic" bridge. I was wrong! Instantly noticeable, notes have more clarity and far better sustain. This combined with locking in my intonation and action, I'm sold on KSM!"

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


Richard Farkas

Eclipse, Rough Diamond, Tyrant

Richard has always prided himself on taking the bass guitar from the shadows of the backline, into the spotlight and front of stage. Richard explains, “It is all about the song; It is all about the music. The bass is, and should be, both a melodic and percussive instrument. It is very important to remember that the song is king… Never play or overplay to the detriment of the song, but rather, enhance it. Make sure to have fun playing! Enjoy what you do and who you do it with.” And most importantly, do it with KSM.


Rich Hansen

Mile Marker Six

Rich Hansen is a veteran bassist from Los Angeles, formerly with Sundown Recording Artist Asa Cruz, Zero recording artist Takara, and Retrospect recording artists Graven Image. He is a former student of jazz bassists Jeff Berlin and David Friesen. He has performed with and/or recorded with Journey/Yngwie Malmsteen singer Jeff Scott Soto; members of Yes, Moody Blues, Armored Saint, Anthrax; Pearl Jam/Alice In Chains producer Rick Parashar, Capitol Records Artist Sonnet Simmons, and Chuck Meyers of Big Idea Productions. As a performer, he has opened for acts such as Kansas, Billy Dean, Ricochet, and Eric Paslay.

"I currently use it on my custom 5-String bass, and I love how rock solid it is once it's clamped down. I also love the complex tonal characteristics, punch and harmonics that it offers. I've compared it with the Leo Quan/Badass, Neuser, Schaller, Hipshot, as well as various OEM bridges, and the Foundation sounds as good or better than all of them that I've tried. I love it!"

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


John Big Pocket Hart

Pat Martino

John "BigPocket" Hart is a multi-talented master musician, producer, songwriter, arranger and teacher, Philadelphia-native John Hart’s list of credits reads like a who’s who in the world of contemporary music. Names like smooth jazz artist Norman Brown, gospel great Yolanda Adams, renowned guitarist Pat Martino, famed musician Ronnie Laws, neo-soul star Jon B and music legend Gladys Knight are among the literally dozens of artists who have called on John to supply his inimitable and distinctive style as a premier bass player, a style he describes as "BigPocket!" It’s no surprise that he named his own Los Angeles-based company - providing music production, studio consulting and Logic Pro customer support and training - BigPocket Music™.


Jordan Jaeger


Jordan Jaeger, bassist of Stocksmile, has never taken the traditional route to honing his craft. Self teaching himself several instruments, he's constantly searching to better his technique and sound. When asked about his KSM Foundation Bridge, Jaeger said, "I love it! From the moment I got it, I noticed immediately the change in sustain and clarity of notes. My style of playing demands both those factors, so I'm super stoked on this bridge. My live sound has improved immensely."

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


Pier Antonio Micheli

Le Funk

PierAntonio Micheli, a transplant from Italy and owner of the local restaurant Le Nonne, performs regularly with HK3 and Le Funk.


Loni Specter

Promoter & Producer of The Amp Show

Loni Specter is a legendary musician, promoter, artist and inventor. His musical career spans more than three decades. He is the producer of Amp Show and is the inventor of The Lapdancer® Lap Steel Guitar.

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


Levi Tarver

"The tone on my bass finally came to life after putting the KSM foundation bridge on it."


Ryan Tilby

Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband

Ryan Tilby has been a full-time musician since 1996. After years in the bluegrass music scene, he studied jazz guitar at Utah State University and eventually found his home in the studio, both as an engineer and musician. His playing and engineering can be heard on hundreds of records, film scores, video games, and on stages around the world with groups like Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand. As a bassist, his go-to axes are his KSM-equipped precision bass, and his Mike Lull jazz bass. His solo work includes two albums of reverent hymns played on solo guitar.

Bob Daisley
Bob Daisley Image


Vuyani Wakaba

Electric Bassist, Writer, Music Educator

South Africa's Vuyani Wakaba is the bassist for the Chicago blues legend and Delmark recording artist Eddie C. Campbell. In addition to that, Vuyani is the leader of the jazz/fusion group Vuyani and Friends. He is also the bassist for the Chicago jazz group 5 Aftr 5. Additionally, Vuyani plays with Phil Upchurch Jr., as well as with Chicago's world music group The Dadabeat. Other engagements on Vuyani's calendar often include performances in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, as well as freelance work.

Among Vuyani's musical achievements are performances at the Fox Television stage of The Taste of Chicago Festival, The Erie Jazz and Blues Festival in Erie, Pennsylvania; An invitation to be a staff member at Victor Wooten's Bass/Nature Camp; Performances with Chicago Blues legend and 2009 Chicago Blues Festival headliner Eddie C. Campbell; Appearances on WGN Television Morning Show and South Africa's S.A.B.C. Television network; a performace on The Loop " Chicago's biggest radio station " WLUP 97.9. Vuyani owns and operates PowerNoise, a digital recording studio.

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